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Citibank Romania

Citibank RomaniaCiti has been represented in Romania by Citibank Romania S.A. since 1996 and provides high-quality financial services and products to national and multinational companies, small and medium sized companies, public sector and non-for-profit organizations and individuals. Citibank Romania S.A. has 8 corporate banking branches in Bucharest, Constanta, Ploiesti, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu and Bacau, and 31 CitiFinancial agencies, dedicated to individual clients. CitiFinancial is also serving its customers through 35 direct sales centers located in Romania's main cities.

Since 1996, several key achievements, milestones, and firsts highlight Citi's commitment to excellence in Romania.

Citibank Romania was the first foreign bank to partner up with local banks for countrywide cash collections, payment orders and cheques (1997); the first bank to collect visa fees for embassies (1998); to partner with State Treasuries to help the customers collect Treasury funds (1999); to implement the automated cash payment system (launching the Easy Payments machines network - 2000); to implement bar code technology for cash bill payments (2001); to offer non-deliverable forward (2004); to introduce the concept of cash bill payments in commercial centers via the Unikasa launch (2004); the first and sole bank to offer technical solutions for payments factory (2004); to implement file delivery capabilities for electronic bulk payments processing via CitiDirect Online Banking (2004); to complete an RTGS transaction after successfully implementing Automated Clearing (2005); to perform direct debit transactions in the banking system (2006).

In 1995, even before opening its local offices, Citi brought Romania back to the international capital markets after the country's 15 years absence and, in 2005, Citi co-led the largest non-government related syndicated loan. Last year, Citibank Romania arranged the first private sector local currency syndication.

Over the past 10 years, Citi has dedicated to companies and financial institutions an exclusive mix of Cash Management, Trade, Securities and Funds Services, and has introduced innovative solutions for mass collections, online banking transactions, trade finance projects, and securities services. Citibank Romania assumed the leadership role to introduce the cash management concept in Romania (1997); to introduce cash remittance countrywide through partnerships with local banks (1998); to launch CitiDirect Online Banking, the internet banking platform (2000).

These milestones exemplify Citi's commitment to the Romanian market, our partners, and our clients alike. While achieving our business objectives, we consider it equally important to enable our clients continued success, as their success is our success too.

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Citibank Romania SA 8, Iancu de Hunedoara Bvd., 011742 Bucharest 1

Phone: +4021 203 55 50
Fax: +4021 203 55 65
Loan by Phone:: +4080 100 24 84

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